A considerable level of expertise and knowledge inherited since the Company’s foundation. Seagate Logistics have been entrusted with hazardous cargo exacted to the highest standards.  When transporting hazardous cargo like oil, gas or chemicals, Seagate Logistics make it a priority to ensure that it arrives safely and securely. Seagate Logistics treats this kind of sensitive shipment with the utmost care and attention, using responsible practices that protect your cargo, our crew members, and the environment. All fiscal and statutory requirements are handled by us to ensure compliance that met with regulations. We have a thorough understanding of the IMO classifications, and the do’s and don’ts .With cargoes of this nature we ensure that we are trusted with future shipments.

We have skilled and trained staff to take care of National, International and Local Transportation needs and safety requirements of hazardous cargo. They always keep in touch with Carrier and Customer to make sure reliable and safe delivery of the Cargo.